-noun (pronounced "howlie")
Used by native Hawaiians to refer to white folks. Means "round-eye".
"Hey haole!"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
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Noun. A word from a dialect known as Pidgin used by local residents of Hawaii to differentiate "outsiders' who have not yet had sex with their cousin, usually someone with light skin.
Try look at that haole ober der, he get tree hot cuzins and never try oof any of dem.
by LayinPipeInUrMom February 12, 2018
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Someone who has not seen "Raps Hawaii" and therefore cannot possibly be considered a local to Hawaii. Typically fair-skinned foreigners.
"Brah, the beach stay packed with Haoles."
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by EnemyBoss April 06, 2017
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A word for outsiders or more often "white" .

There are some over sensitive "local" types who get off on acting like a victim where they whine about their life when they have nothing really to complain about and they decide to take it out on foreigners due to xenophobia and outright racism. So haole is used by victim mentality locals who want to blame all outsiders for their problems in life instead of taking personal responsibility for themselves. You will see this expressed in the casual context definitions where the word "haole" is used in a "derogatory" way by locals who mistakenly delude themselves into believing Hawaii is still a kingdom when in fact it is a U.S. STATE.
"Get off the fucking island you fucking haole"

"Da bruddahs in Waipio will "take care of" that fucking haole. He better watch his ass after dark.

"Yah, we kicked his haole ass befo we tookum to jail"- HPD Big Island (Puna) bragging about excessive use of force on vulnerable populations around Pahoa.
by HaolePOS September 10, 2018
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