When u have a peice of snot hanging from the inside of ur nose where it is completely visable.
"Hey Mike u got a hanger."
"Oh! thanks for telling me."
by Izzo_Foshizo January 10, 2006
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Getting head in a library or in your car in a library parking lot.
Dave- Josh's sister just gave me a hanger while studying for my History exam.
Tim- Nice!
Josh- What the fuck!
by notyou22 April 18, 2010
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When a chick goes to the bathroom on a night out and leaves toilet paper stuck in her ass/pants so it hangs out the bottom of her dress
Guy 1: Hey, look at that hot chick, I'm getting her number
Guy 2: Wow hold up, look, she's got a hanger, not very classy...
by GiveHerTheWelly August 12, 2012
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The disgusting fat lump of belly that hangs out of a husky hawaiians shirt.
Looks like bob is wearing a belly shirt today because I can see his hanger from here!
by Bootyhoe December 29, 2015
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A term for a person who latches or lingers near you or at your place of residence for an extended period of time when their welcome has clearly expired. Hangers are also people who make a mess of your room, eat all your food, and use your shower frequently. Hangers talk really fast and motives at first are unknown, till they are revealed and it is too late. Hangers can cause flooding with other hangers present.
Hangers are mooches and or trolls
by Nogamz August 30, 2016
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Someone who is pretty much void of knowledge and basically gets by on looks, charm or style, or a combination of the above.
As in a clothes hanger, the function of which is to simply hold up clothes.
Jack couldn't find a real job if he had to. It's a good thing that he is hot and knows how to dress, talk and which fork to use. He is such a freaking hanger.
by loccitantexan October 11, 2006
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Huge, floppy, sagging titties on a fat black mama.
Daaamn, look at the hangers on that bitch. I bet she has to tuck those into her waistline so she doesn't trip on them.
by Poon Hound May 04, 2003
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