When u have a peice of snot hanging from the inside of ur nose where it is completely visable.
"Hey Mike u got a hanger."
"Oh! thanks for telling me."
by Izzo_Foshizo January 10, 2006
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Getting head in a library or in your car in a library parking lot.
Dave- Josh's sister just gave me a hanger while studying for my History exam.
Tim- Nice!
Josh- What the fuck!
by notyou22 April 18, 2010
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When a chick goes to the bathroom on a night out and leaves toilet paper stuck in her ass/pants so it hangs out the bottom of her dress
Guy 1: Hey, look at that hot chick, I'm getting her number
Guy 2: Wow hold up, look, she's got a hanger, not very classy...
by GiveHerTheWelly August 12, 2012
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The disgusting fat lump of belly that hangs out of a husky hawaiians shirt.
Looks like bob is wearing a belly shirt today because I can see his hanger from here!
by Bootyhoe December 29, 2015
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Someone who is pretty much void of knowledge and basically gets by on looks, charm or style, or a combination of the above.
As in a clothes hanger, the function of which is to simply hold up clothes.
Jack couldn't find a real job if he had to. It's a good thing that he is hot and knows how to dress, talk and which fork to use. He is such a freaking hanger.
by loccitantexan October 11, 2006
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Huge, floppy, sagging titties on a fat black mama.
Daaamn, look at the hangers on that bitch. I bet she has to tuck those into her waistline so she doesn't trip on them.
by Poon Hound May 04, 2003
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A penis that hangs down. Never erect. Never gets hard. Girls don't like it. If you have one chances are you won't get laid.
Guy 1: remember when Phil took out his dick?
Guy 2: ya it was a hanger ?
by Thebigdtahtgetslaid September 25, 2017
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