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to deal off the bottom off the deck for another player in a card game. most commonly poker. A simple and descrete way to cheat. to pull a hanger you must suffle untill you find a card that is high in value and leave it on the bottom of the deck and keep shuffling untill there is two in a row... for example two aces... in the process of dealing you deal normally with your thumb off the top of the deck to all players except your partner in the hoax when arriving on your partners turn to recieve a card you use your index and middle fingers to deal the card off the bottom. this is extremly easy to get away with if executed to prefection....

as seen in the movie rounders...
last night at that cash game i caught two motherfuckers pulling hangers for eachother. we had to whoop their asses
by shock103 May 02, 2008

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