A person who can catch a football easily or exceptionally well.
Have you seen Brandon, that boy has some "hands."
by somedudeeee April 16, 2009
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Many a young mans' sex tool...
"It's just me and my hand tonight... Where's the lotion?..."
by Trevor Anderson January 18, 2005
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In human females, a nail support.
In human males, a nut scratcher.
In drunk humans, a cup holder.

In humans in general, antonym of foot.
In non-human primates, synonym of foot.
"Dude, you're sitting on my hand"
"Shut up, I know."
by Fosterpython January 08, 2009
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A dismissive signoff in online forum postings. Acronym for Have A Nice Day.
(at the end of a post picking apart someone's argument)
So, STFU, H-A-N-D.
by Not-Croaker March 08, 2006
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