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This is a school that is filled with tools, freaks, preps bums and pricks. It is a terrible place to go because the people are so stuck up. Most students think that they are so tough and mess with kids that are smaller than them or have some sort of dissability. The football team is for some reason looked up to. Most kiss their ass hoping to become part of their click. The teachers are good but the students are a bunch of spoiled pricks who think they are better than everyone because they borrowed their moms BMW and drove to school.
Neshaminy students are very enjoyable to be around.
by Mr. Slap July 10, 2008
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The people slamming Nesh are idiots or liars. So here's the correct defintion in this paragraph for u to read. I'm a Council Rock North graduate, but have met many Neshaminy kids. Usually I met them at high school parties. People are not tools, freaks, preps bums and pricks. It is a good, blue ribbon high school. Most students think they should call out bullying in the hallways. The football team is looked up to as they have a Clemson like team which won many county titles. @mrslap claimed people kiss their ass, but he spelled clique as click. The teachers are good and the students are not a bunch of spoiled kids even though their families are rich enough to have a BMW. The thing I want to bring forward is u don't judge everyone from a high school just because some kids there are lame. This is the equivalent of judging all US citizens as malevolent cuz u know about Donald Rumsfeld. So that's my definition of the good Neshaminy high school.
The high school Neshaminy is centered in Langhorne, PA. It has kids from Langhorne, Penndel, northwest Levvittown, Hulmeville, Feasterville and Trevose. The people are cool. Most of the people are good people who would help ur elderly grandmom walk down the street. I have respect for the school. Ciao, my friends.
by Fabulous Max August 18, 2017
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