The term not bitch is actually a secondary to shotgun and cannot be used to call the front seat but to garantee you don't get the worst seat (usually the middle seat).
person 1 'Heh there's my car'
person 2 'Shotgun'
person 3 'Not bitch'
person 4 'Not bitch'
person 5 'ahhh ... shit.'
by Milos67 September 15, 2003
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When the position of shotgun has already been filled the rest of the passengers call out "Not bitch" in order to not have to sit in the middle seat (aka bitch seat)
Greg: Not bitch
CHarlie: Not bitch
Cameron: not... oh fuck u guys, i dont even know why i hand out with u assholes
by G Kizzle November 20, 2007
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intj. This phrase is used to reserve a seat in a vehicle which is not bitch.

The first person to call not bitch gets the front seat; people after that get distributed around the car. If you chronically forget to call not bitch, you will always sit in the middle seat.

The rules for calling not bitch are the same as those for shotgun.
Person 1: "Hey, there's Aaron's car."
Person 2: "Not Bitch!"
by The Grammar Nazi November 8, 2001
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This saying does not have a specific deffinition but can be used whenever a bitch is bein a bitch. if shes doin somethin that pisses u off confuses u or just annoys the fuck out of u it works.
Mike- This bitch is fuckin playin games bro.

Danny- Bitches piss me off dawg but fuckit. Bitches is bitches is bitches

Mike- FUCK ya
by DPR-DG4L December 16, 2009
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A phrase to describe a girl when she's doing what girls do, such as fucking with a guy's head.
Person 1: This bitch keeps talking to me, but I have no clue what she means.

Person 2: That happened to me too! Bitches Be Bitches!
by shottythebro March 6, 2012
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Bitch the bitch is a phrase where you be a bigger cunt or "bitch" the someone who is being a "bitch" to you
Bitch says to you "your a fat toadfish" and you say back to the bitch being more of a bitch and say "we'll your a fat eel"

Bitch the bitch
by MrEinstein June 10, 2017
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Someone who is such a whiny little bitch. Such a bitch that you gotta call them out twice.
Hey you wanna go out for a drink?
Nah man, I’m tired
Alright bitch bitch
by Kaylafa97 February 24, 2019
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