Slang (Geordie, Newcastle)

Masturbation: The phrase comes from the act of masturbating using the whole hand, wrapping 4 fingers round the shaft of the penis, and the thumb round the other side, hence "five knuckles".
Geordie 1: Howaye man. Did ye score last night?
Geordie 2: Ney chance. I was gannin' the Five knuckle shuffle till it felt like me hand'd fall off.
by Eddie Faulkner May 22, 2008
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that bitch gave me some blue balls, so I had to go back to my crib and do the five knuckle shuffle on my piss pump
by spltbird November 25, 2002
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Another word for the popular slang word 'wank'.
Most commonly used in pub-talks between men of age 18-30 to describe masturbation in a funny way, normally about someone, rather than themselves.
by DanielleInIpswich May 16, 2006
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The five-knuckle-shuffle is another term for how a guy masturbates, Jerks off, gets his jollies, and says hello to his little friend.
Is it a sin to do the five-knuckle-shuffle in church?
by T. J. May 23, 2003
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