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the term for when a man takes extacy and viagra. the viagra is taken because of the comon erectile disfunction assosiated with MDMA
guy 1: Dude, me and Ashley are gunna do E and im gunna screw her.
guy 2: Dude, that aint gunna work, you need to go Hammer Heading.
by ykwtdtgluip January 01, 2008
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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the art of bashing the back of a chicks head in when shes going down on you. preferebly until she passes out. then you finish.
"dude, tiffany came over last night and started to give me head when i got an uncontrollable urge to bash her skull in. so i did, and she hasnt woken up yet. i think shes dead."

"i got myself into some hammerheading action the other day and now i can't read anymore."
by jamesisdead September 13, 2007
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the act of a male wearing a strap on(during a three some) attached to his buttox and thrusting his pelvis in a back and fort motion in order to simultaneously penetrate both females at once
I was with jordan and marlee and we got horny so I began hammer heading and all sexual tensions were relieved.
by hammerheadsharkdtx April 28, 2020
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