an attempt to fit a whole wide object into your mouth, as to stretch your mouth width wise like a vagina. Mostly used for chodes and/or very thick sandwiches
dude, i tried to wide mouth a coke can, my teeth are no completely fucked!!!!
by MamboPie February 4, 2011
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a vital part of the silver bullet that ensures you get maximum taste and refreshment from your coors light
dude, bud light just doesn't taste as good as coors because coors tastes so smooth with the new vented wide mouth!
by goofygoofball May 17, 2010
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a woman with a wide gash
hay i did your mum last night, she has a gash like a wide mouthed frog. i thought i was shaggin a welly.

by mr b allbags August 14, 2008
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Wide mouth mayonnaise jar--The term used to describe the anus of an x-con.
The Dr. wanted to know how long I had been out when he said my asshole looked like a wide mouth mayonnaise jar!
by vernon dutton January 22, 2004
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A song made by the singer cupcakke called deepthroat she has 4 albums Cum Cake, Queen Elizabitch, Audacious, and STD....😬
Mouth wide open like I'm at the dentists
by Dick_Sucker2023 June 24, 2017
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A Mouth-Wide-Open lip-spreader/mouth-gag is a device used in some S&M scenes. A pronged steel cock-ring is inserted into a bottom's mouth and fastened with a leather strap. He's blindfolded and handcuffed and his mouth is now ready for use. After being given 300mg of the boner-maker drug, Viagra, Boy may be forced to wear a cock-cage, leather ball-stretcher and puppy-dog tail
Once, I went to a leather bath-house with Matt, and somebody drugged me and I passed out! When I woke up, several dudes fucked me through the Mouth-Wide-Open lip-spreader/mouth-gag they forced me to wear, and I heard Matt talking, he had fucked my mouth too because I recognized his dick-shape and cum-taste when he shot his load down my throat - I blew my wad through the cock-cage they had on me and they made me lick it up!
by USAF Cadet February 3, 2021
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