To be ridiculous or over-the-top, usually in a comedic way.
"Class was really boring today until Tom stood up on his desk and did a jig. He really knows how to ham it up."

"The actor was supposed to fall over and die, but he hammed it up too much and got fired instead."
by knickls May 3, 2009
When a person, usually a Goldstine in the most un-kosher act, rubs his penis between two grade A hams to become erect.
Stewart can ham it up with the best of them, just ask Richard.
by Carl Carlsons February 4, 2008
To tell someone they are making an untrue or non factual statement.
Dane says " My beauty is far greater than Jase's"
Swainy says " Ham it up ".
by Trenta May 28, 2008
A classified word for flatulence, or fart.

The type of fart that smells like bologna. Quite awful.
Hamming it up is an awful smell, consisting of a bologna-like smell coming from the arse.
by snowboarder543 May 29, 2011
1. Ham it up can mean anything. It can be good or bad, just being used to think of something to say.

2. Get ready.
1. (Silence)
Jenny: So...
Evan: Well, I have something to tell you....
Jenny: What Evan?
Evan: Well, I don't really know how to say this....
Jenny: It's okay, just say it!!!
Evan: (Deep Breath) Ham it up....

2. Come on! You've been training for your whole life! Just forget everything else and ham it up!!!
by Angelica Walker November 27, 2008
Aw man i bombed that exam, i'm getting hammed up tonight.
by nilatir April 28, 2009