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It's when you dress up in either cheap, store-bought costumes or elaborate, self-made ones, watch Rocky Horror Picture Show, get your friends to do the Time Warp, and go on a severe candy binge. Until someone spoils your fun by reminding you that it's April.
Halloween is when you're supposed to beat up little kids dressed-up as Sponge Bob Square Pants.
by Arie November 03, 2003

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Abrieviated form of Rocky Horror Picture Show.
How can you not have seen Rocky Horror yet, Aala?!
by Arie November 03, 2003

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A euphemism for feeling horny
"I am feeling a little friendly over here"
by Arie November 27, 2004

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A guy from my high school who: a) has too poor taste to possibly be gay, and b) isn't nice enough to be retarded.
Shut up, Kris.
by Arie November 03, 2003

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one who is extremely good looking
preferebly male
Oh! That Asian-Metro guy is such a blue 42! I'm having an orgasm just watching him!
by Arie October 02, 2004

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