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The capital of Nova Scotia, the hub of the maritimes.
Halifax is home to weird hip hop artists like Sixtoo and Buck 65.
by Agent Chainsawlady July 28, 2004
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WTF did this website erase my previous definition. It was gold!
Halifax used to be the best definition on this website, but since its erased the best definition is now St.John. When has St.John ever been the best at anything? This is wrong.
by John FitzgibbonsIII April 26, 2010
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You can tell a Halifaxer by the stacks of Keith's empties on their porch. Generally used to describe a person from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Halifaxers love to party. Halifaxers are generally a nice bunch.
by Haliguy May 31, 2015
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Capital of Nova Scotia, pop. about 400,000. largest city in Atlantic canada.
Halifax is a great city to live in.
by haligonian October 17, 2004
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The most Beautiful City in Eastern Canada. Life slows down once you step off of the aircraft. Lots of friendly people who hold the door open for you. No shopping on Sunday's. Also the Bars close at 4 am!!!
by Troy-O July 30, 2006
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Halifax is a sex knight!

shing! shing!
boy: I went to halifax this weekend.
girl: o rly? did you have sex?
boy: of course! halifax is a sex knight! Shing! Shing!
girl: Shing!
by theonewholikesbacon July 11, 2008
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a small town in west yorkshire, england, situated inbetween huddersfield, bradford and leeds.

in history, it one of first few towns in the medieval england to introduce the guillotine and later the halifax gibbet, which nowdays is used as an exhibit.

It is well-known as a centre of England's woollen manufacture from the 15th century onward, originally dealing through the Halifax Piece Hall. Halifax is internationally famous for its Mackintosh chocolate and toffee (now owned by Nestlé), the Halifax Bank (formerly Halifax Building Society), and the nearby Shibden Hall.
by cagliostro April 14, 2011
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