Its slang for the word hash. It is a derivative of the word hashingle, which is another nickname for the word hash. Typically it is used by drug dealers who sell the hash in bulk. It is one of the predominant terms used in the country Morocco, which is the hash capitol of the world.
"You gonna sprinkle any shing on that bowl?"

"I smoked a whole block of shing to my dome and passed out in my buddy's flowerbed"

"You don't have any weed? It's all good son i got shing!"
by coach bostic June 26, 2009
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1. The sound of a sword being drawn from its scabbard.
2. The polar opposite of "Shang".
3. An annoying bald person whom is immutably set in his ways.
When the enemy was upon him, he pulled his sword, "Ol Pointy" from it's sheath with a mighty "Shhhhhinng"!

That Shing is sure set in his ways.
by Bulbous August 23, 2005
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the first part of SHINGLE DING, an expression which originated in the North East United States and the Greater Toronto Area. SHING or DING may be used alone or together and they mean to SHINGLE THE DING like it dont mean a thing.
You gotta shingle your ding baby!
by JOHN DOAN May 30, 2004
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A phrase of mild discouragement, much the way 'great' is used ironically when something lame happens.

A variation of shing is shule.
"I lent you my best CDs and you lost them? Shing."
by Pepper February 22, 2005
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I shing my banana's peel before I eat it.
by KataLovesYou January 6, 2011
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An adjective for a person who weighs more than delicia
Omg you damn shing weih!!
Eh you quite shing already man, go lose some weight!!!
wahhh your size is like a shing boy!!
by Lunadelusions August 30, 2008
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When your toe has a fungus and you don't know what it is. Also it could be used as a good or bad connotation based on the sentance. For example for a bad connotation it would be, "bruh stop why are you so shingely". And a good connotation in an example is, "Let's go this is soooo shingely like it's AWESOME!". The word can also describe something abnormally weird. This way of the word shingely is it's most commonly used way.
Bruh you are the epitome of shingely
by Pigeon Suspicion March 24, 2020
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