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A poor Japanese-to-English translation in the 1991 Genesis game Zero Wing, which is also famous for the origin of "all your base..."

It is commonly incorrectly stated as "somebody set us up the bomb". Clearly, the up comes before the us, although the resulting diphthongs makes it more difficult to say.


838672cloud: Its somebody set up us the bomb, noob

72reality: fu kthx
by John FitzgibbonsIII August 18, 2007

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WTF did this website erase my previous definition. It was gold!
Halifax used to be the best definition on this website, but since its erased the best definition is now St.John. When has St.John ever been the best at anything? This is wrong.
by John FitzgibbonsIII April 26, 2010

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An all-purpose, unisex insult. It implies that one is a "holder of dicks".

John: Hey, I kicked an old lady today, right in the face!

Tilly: You're a real dickpouch John.

by John FitzgibbonsIII January 27, 2008

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Pronounced "kithicks", it is what nerds say to regular people on the rare occasions when they feel superior to them.
Bond: Hey. I've just recently started playing world of warcraft. Can I join your party?

53|>#1|20T#:gain more lvls kthx
by John FitzgibbonsIII August 18, 2007

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