'I fancy some Halibut for tea'
by Pootard September 1, 2006
"Halibut is the coolest motherfucker alive."

"Stop being redundant."
by Kyle June 8, 2003
1. A piece of ass one finds when traveling abroad in a different state that he later flies in to his rural home town to show off to his friends.
A. "Did you see that chick Rob flew in from Texas? I guess he met her at the football game and convinced her to come visit. Nice piece of halibut, I bet she likes it almond crusted with a touch of lemon if you know what I am saying bro!!??"

B. "You can't find any ass in Colorado so you gotta fly in some halibut from the Gulf of Mexico."
by WyomingCowboys69 November 23, 2010
a word that my teacher used to say to replace the word "hell"
What the halibut is wrong with you?
by Boojam December 22, 2004
1.) foibled pronunciation of horrible by my asian girlfriend

2.) complete nonsense, inane, lame, unfounded, untrue

3.) horrible person

4.) general state of affairs these days
1.) mr duite, you are completely halibut

2.) that's halibut

3.) he's a big halibut

4.) it's all halibut
by mr snatchural August 25, 2005
That persons skin tone is as white as (halibut)

If that (halibut ) isn’t careful he will burn.
Bake, fry or grill, the weather is (hot) .
Wow, I just spotted Sarah and Rob , sunbathing , he is so halibut , he might burn.
by Slaa November 13, 2019
Someone who is easily hooked on substances. The certain drug is the worm that the fishermen(death) has attached to his rod. The ignorent Halibut(addict) is curious of the worm and tastes it, getting HOOKED by the worm. The rod pulls him up every tug he gives to the rod, until he is dead.
Yo Lorenzo, that cockfaced nugga aint nutt'n but a stupid Halibut.
by Patrick SW July 7, 2006