1. A word invented by white people for them to say nigga without pissing black people off. This word is not racial or derogatory, it is meant to be used in a positive manner.

2. Used to describe someone as a friend.

Example 1:
That's right my nugga!

Example 2:
Way to go my nugga!

Example 3:

Birdman is my nugga.
by atmag06 November 9, 2005
Basically the same as nigga only funnier. Like nigga the word "nugga" can be used on anyone, black, white, asian, what have you, it's not necessarily racist.
These nuggas is to glisteny!
That nugga is crazy,
by supermanity June 22, 2010
Me-Jeremy is one whack ass nugga
Tuck-Say what you will but his black ass stays warm
by mas yelad August 15, 2011
Used in the movie Boiler Room.

"Yo, shit is yellow, B.
Rizzy's the color, nugga."
by enbob89 October 10, 2005
Basoomas. A Girls breast region. Frequently said in England. They are called nugga-nuggas becuase when you hold a girls breasts and pull them out and let them go, they name such a noise.
alexanne: your nugga-nuggas are looking larger than usual
sally: i know, i just got a 36 D the other day!
by Ali Lansing July 16, 2006
A name given to breast's from the noise they make when they bounce.
chris poked tracey's nugga nugga's
by Ashleigh March 3, 2005
It's like when black guys call eachother "nigga". Except it's the white version.
Me-- Sup Nugga?
White Female -- Nothin'
by Rebecca W. June 6, 2005