A college drinking game in which the participant(s) must take 30 shots of beer in 30 minutes at the rate of one shot per minute, often used as a pregaming tactic before the real partying begins.

More daring players may attempt an hour power, which follows the same rules over the course of an hour.
"Yo, you going to the frat party tonight?"
"Hell yeah, we should pregame with a half-hour power before we go."
by Metalhead November 20, 2017
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A time when one feels it most polite to retire to a quiet space for a half hour slumber.

A short rejuvenating snooze.
Corporal: "Sir, the Germans are advancing on our front lines as we speak"

Captain: "How long do we have, old boy?"

Corporal: "Just under an hour, sir"

Captain: "Not to worry, my good man, Ill still have time for A Gentleman's Half Hour in that case, before the battle"
by HonourandIntegrity November 29, 2019
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A length of time described by a father as half an hour when in reality it is a period of 10 to 15 minutes.
Dad on phone with son: I'll pick you up in half an hour
Son to friend: i've got to go in like 10 minutes
Friend to son: didn't he say half an hour?
Son to friend: Dad half hour man
Friend to son: oh right.
by DrFl3tch July 08, 2010
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A conservative comedy show on the "neutral" FOX news network.

A good example of epic fail.
Person A: Did you see that recent episode of the half hour news hour?

Person B: Yea those idiots have the humor level of a 3rd grader.
by anonymous6812 April 07, 2008
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noun: a clock-watching form of procrastination, in which the procrastinator schedules the "start time" of a dreaded task based on the next "half-hour" mark of the clock. For example, if the clock reads "1:35", a procrastinator employing the half-hour clock technique will start the task when the clock strikes "2:00", usually filling in this time gap with activities such as web surfing and masturbation. The technique is popular amongst perfectionists, numerologists, the obsessive compulsive and unemployed spectrum of procrastinators.
Hey, it's 4:47. Did you finish writing that cover letter?

Actually I did not. I was waiting till 5:00 to start. I'm using the half-hour clock technique.
by 77jim March 23, 2011
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When you have a 30 minute shower, most likely it's not needed and you coulda made due with a 10 minuter.
person 1 - what the hell were you doing in there?
person 2 - It was my half hour shower of power.
by Chayse81 June 01, 2012
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The Ultimate Hangover cure.
The morning after partying a little too hard, you go into the shower intending on waking yourself up, but find yourself too tired and sit down.
Can go from fifteen minutes to upwards of an hour (depending on how big your hot water tank is)
Nicki was so bombed last night she said the only cure this morning was a half-hour sitdown shower.

That hangover was so bad it required not one, but two half-hour sit down showers!
by The Kuce November 18, 2009
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