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noun: An under-paid, under-employed, and under-appreciated creative professional known for their keen sense of "what looks right visually". A very opinionated and possibly unemployed person.
My boyfriend said your website sucks. He's a Graphic Designer.

You used 'Helvetica' on your business card? As a Graphic Designer, I must say that your choice is very sterile and cliché. You probably won't get any business.
by 77jim March 23, 2011

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noun: a creative professional with vaguely explainable gaps on their resume. Typically a graphic designer or web designer, but not strictly limited to the commercial art field
Well, I see you have nothing listed from February of 2009 through May of 2010 on your resume. Do you care to elaborate?" "Ummm... yes. I was a Freelancer"
by 77jim March 23, 2011

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1). adjective: shady, untrustworthy, possibly sexually deviant

2). verb: To bait, tempt or tease a skilled professional with false promises of financial compensation
1). "Say, that kid is totally Craigslist." "What do you mean by that?" "Creepy and in need of a nude model"

2). "I need a new website design." "Are you going to hire a graphic designer?" "No. I will probably just Craigslist my friend. He's unemployed."
by 77jim March 23, 2011

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noun: a person who gets their kicks from deliberately forcing a horrible song into your head.
You have got to STOP singing that god-damn Bryan Adams song from the 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' soundtrack! You are an Eardrum Rapist.
by 77jim April 08, 2011

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noun: a clock-watching form of procrastination, in which the procrastinator schedules the "start time" of a dreaded task based on the next "half-hour" mark of the clock. For example, if the clock reads "1:35", a procrastinator employing the half-hour clock technique will start the task when the clock strikes "2:00", usually filling in this time gap with activities such as web surfing and masturbation. The technique is popular amongst perfectionists, numerologists, the obsessive compulsive and unemployed spectrum of procrastinators.
Hey, it's 4:47. Did you finish writing that cover letter?

Actually I did not. I was waiting till 5:00 to start. I'm using the half-hour clock technique.
by 77jim March 23, 2011

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noun: A field of educational study common to American universities, colleges, business schools, tech schools and art institutes loosely fusing the fundamentals of art and design with the sex appeal of the latest Macintosh technology. Vastly popular throughout the '90s and appealing to middle-class safety parents with creative children too fearful, money-obsessed and talent-lacking to pursue Fine Arts.
My kid is studying Graphic Design. He wants to buy an iMac so he can use 'Adobe'

What's your Major? Graphic Design. That's cool! Me too!
by 77jim March 23, 2011

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