American Northerners (Yankees to Southerners) who move to the South, particularly Florida, who decide they can't stand the heat and humidity or hurricanes, and end up moving only half way back home, as in Tennessee, Georgia, SC, etc.
"This used to be a nice town, but it's being ruined by all the damn half-backs!"
by Berttn April 29, 2008
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Term used by Mid-Atlantic state locals to describe a Northerner (aka "Yankee") who moves to Florida to escape the cold winters; only to find it is too hot and moves half way back up the coast to the mid Atlantic states (NC, SC, VA). Typically used in a derogitory manner as is Yankee in many parts of the South.
Wife: Joe and Marge just moved into the neighborhood. They used to live in New Jersey, but moved here from Florida.

Husband: Damn half backs, why don't they stay up North in the first place.
by JBcatalog August 14, 2007
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lesser of two or more options. the GO TO in a jam. your last resort at the prom.
Well if she dont work out i still have becky as the half back option.
by Brent Donald Johnson October 13, 2006
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When a man with a huge penis is fucking a girl with a small vagina, the girl says to only put half in. The man then slams the whole lot in real hard.
She - "Only put half in"
He slams the lot in and she cries out in pain.
She - "You said only half, you said only half"
He - "Yeah - the back half Bitch".
by Eug February 10, 2005
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To give her every inch of your man meat

Girl.. That's really big I'm not sure about anal
Guy.. I'm only gunna put in half
Girl.. Ok
As guy enters he slams the whole thing in and says THE BACK HALF!!!!!
by Nice meeting ya October 17, 2014
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