to eat out fat girls assholes constantly, working from the far side of the shit flecked asshole forward to the front of her cheesy rashers
vince the head gasket is always half mooning boxrots shit caked asshole, thats why he's always so happy
by buckins July 18, 2006
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when usually a woman takes revenge on a guy for such sexual acts as , angry pirate, spider man, alaskan fire dragon, honey pot, forking .... while in bath or bed she rips of his large toe nail and jams it down the 'japs' eye of his penis in retaliation
tom is bored with his sex life , his wifes a bitch, he spices it up my while reciving oral cums into her eye and kicks her leg ( the angry pirate ) , later while relaxing in the bath together under the bubbles touches him into a stiffy , while with the other hand rps of his big toe nail and shoving it down his winky (Half Moon - the toe nail shape)
tom is hurt , badly
by SmokedK April 15, 2010
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A coastal town 25 miles south of San Francisco. There's nothing to do there. If you can't drive you're screwed. There are many stoners, intellectuals, artists, and also a substantial immigrant community. There's not much for young people to do besides weed, unless you like chillin at coffee shops or surfing. Half Moon Bay is also known for the Mavericks surf competition & annual pumpkin festival.
Tourist: Wow, Half Moon Bay is a really nice town, their scenery is wonderful. I always buy my pumpkins there. Odwalla headquarters is in Half Moon Bay.

Young Person: Let's go surfing! or Let's get baked! or I need to get out of Half Moon Bay, there's nothing to fucking do here! or I'm so lonely! or Let's get Tres!

Cop: Have you been smoking Marijuana?
by lolzomg December 22, 2009
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Small Town In Northern California....The two most known Gangs Are CSL (Coast Side Locos) a sureno Gang & the MLN ( Media Luna Nortenos) a norteno gang..HMB is Known For it's Chronic Bud And Mavericks... a small town that gets Down
If ur In Half Moon Bay Don't Ever Park ur car In Lil Mexico Cuz ur shit will get jacked..and Never wear Red In Moonridge Cuz niggas are known for starting shit
by Moon Town August 6, 2009
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This lovable city lies nestled on the california coastide

between ocean and mountains in the San Mateo County
known for easy-going people and a relaxed atmosphere.
The coastide boasts a history of pumpkins, christmas trees, and has plenty of artichoke, brussel sprouts and blackberries.
There is a large population of latins here (csl:coastside locos sureno gang) here and they are the ones on top here. Norteno gangs are lazy here and unactive to putting in work.
Southside is in Half Moon Bay.
by 650ss. June 24, 2011
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a small town south of san francisco. half moon bay is known as hmb, media luna, and moon town. hmb is known for the pumkin fest and dream machines. hmb is also known for the good ass bub they got and the two gangs csl(coast side locos) and mln(media luna nortenos). the nortenos are not weak like the scraps(sureno), the nortenos dont try to start fights with minors, they fight with people there own age.
u here about the fight n moon ridge last nite the scraps fucken lost or man the pumkin fest and dream machines was really half moon bay is crazy those nortenos dont play.
by hmbcoastside April 23, 2010
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When your girlfriend (or boyfriend if you swing that way) stops mid way through giving you a blowjob to kiss you on the lips.

A full moon kiss would be when they kiss you on the lips, after they have given the blowjob.

The former is arguably preferable.
Guy 1: "Dude, Alice is so good at giving head. She even stopped half way through and gave me a half moon kiss!"

Guy 2: "Nice!"
by MichaelToTheJ September 26, 2012
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