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A coastal town 25 miles south of San Francisco. There's nothing to do there. If you can't drive you're screwed. There are many stoners, intellectuals, artists, and also a substantial immigrant community. There's not much for young people to do besides weed, unless you like chillin at coffee shops or surfing. Half Moon Bay is also known for the Mavericks surf competition & annual pumpkin festival.
Tourist: Wow, Half Moon Bay is a really nice town, their scenery is wonderful. I always buy my pumpkins there. Odwalla headquarters is in Half Moon Bay.

Young Person: Let's go surfing! or Let's get baked! or I need to get out of Half Moon Bay, there's nothing to fucking do here! or I'm so lonely! or Let's get Tres!

Cop: Have you been smoking Marijuana?
by lolzomg December 22, 2009

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