When you eat a chick out doggie style and you lick her from clit to butthole and everything in between.
I bent that chick over and liked her from clit to butthole. Ate that shit Dark Side of the Half Moon!
by Landonanddanielle March 26, 2017
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A school with tons of stoners, rednecks, athletes, beaners, anime nerds, thugs n shit. Not that many niggas or asianos. 2018-19 football team is crap, used to be "undefeated" until Terra Nova whooped our ass. The teachers are ok i guess, i mean some are better than others. There arent that many real gangstas, just fools that dress in black all the time pretend they perpetrating. (Most crap themselves when threaten with a mere fight lol, they tend to hang with the cops in some youth program or sum shit) Most come from the Moonridge projects down south.
I went to Half Moon Bay High School before saying fuck it and going to Skyline Community College. Anyways that'll be $5 for the bj.
by OldSchoolFool January 7, 2019
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1. Sex position

2. A pastry made in Central New York State

3. something to do with plumbers and repairmen showing half of their asses in your house under an appliance

4. a Moon phase like full moon and new moon
1. F- "Hey honey let's try this new position I found out about"
M- "What is the name of the position"
F- "Something called Half Moon"

2. A video involving a company in CNY that makes half-moons (can't do links sorry)

3. "Hey Frank I just half-mooned a costumer while fixing their shitty appliance"
"Ha, that funny Jimbo"

4. Too lazy to describe this half-moon so here is a emoji 🌓"
by Please Fill In The Box April 24, 2022
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A sex position in which the female, or bottom, is in a back bend position, while the man, or top, is on arial silks with and erect penis. He then swoops back and forth as he inserts his dick in the vagina or anus til climax.
by That bottom bitch October 17, 2019
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