Being fired from your job for being incompetent.
Dude, if you don't shape up, you're going to get your ass hakesed?
by phonemonkey December 18, 2003
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acting totally rude and flopping all over the floor, gasping for air, basically every second
hey what's up with that fucking egregious grin there dude shit you just knocked over my lamp I can't believe I ever let you in my house you are getting water everywhere and you smell like a lobster
dude I'm just haking chill
by Gark the Globin April 16, 2013
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A person who says he’ll eat ass only to get clout, but doesn’t actually do it.
That hake finessed my pockets, so I stabbed him.
by Wyomingkid May 29, 2020
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When you have a ghost do a visual task for you on among us, to make it look like you did it
How did you do astriods? You must be haking. Reported!
by Dirtylittlesecret.alyx April 27, 2021
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an alcohol (coconut rum) soaked fruit (pineapple) given to someone underaged by a family member without consent.

The family gathering version of a date rape.
"I think Uncle Ted haked me with his special pineapple at the party last night."
by rerin splad April 03, 2017
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An interrogative used in place of the phrase "what the heck". When using the phrase hake please note that you dont say "what the hake", but simply "hake". The word was invented in 2006 by word masters Andre G and Johnny B.
Common misspellings are "Hayck" and "hakyeedkkheykkc".
The word was invented to do away with laboriously saying "what the heck?".
Dude 1: hey, Dude 2, are you gay?
Dude 2: Hake? No!
by BILLY MANORJES March 28, 2007
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Have you ever met a Lizzie. If you have then your lucky your even luckier if you have met a Lizzie hake. The name even rhymes with cake. Lizzie hake is funny, kind, clumsy, smart, beautiful she has brown hair that fades to blue has hazel and greenish brown eyes. All the guys love her . But to afraid to ask her out. The players who do are brave but... get rejected because she is too good for them. Her laugh is like music to your ears. Also usually silent . good with the grades. Best friends. Interups a lot! But you get used to it.
Whoa dude did you hear that Lizzie hake rejected Chris now he thinks she hates him!

Lizzie hake ran into a wall to day and fell down the stairs twice!!!
by Teya da unicorn November 21, 2017
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