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by dsgsbrtbrtb October 25, 2011
What you say when something either isn't funny at all, or if you aren't paying attention to the conversation.

xX0smexynesss0Xx: So that's when my mom fell on the floor and died.
i_don't_care: haha.

by jamieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee December 19, 2008
Short way to let a person know over text that they are laughing/thought something you said was funny. It however doesn't really reflect how much they are actually laughing/how much they actually thought something you said was funny.
Haha that's awesome!
by Entity1037 January 28, 2015
When you’re being dead serious
Flynn: I think you should stop seeing that guy, he’s creepy.

Kinga: Haha!

Flynn: No haha!
by Brothaontheinside August 26, 2018
Hahahahahajaha haha
by iddunno January 30, 2021