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A competition involving a group of men at a bar in which each man attempts to "pick up", i.e. have sexual intercourse with, old women. The man who has sexual intercourse the oldest woman among the group is the "winner". (note: this is similar to "hogging", except it is based on age rather than weight)
Joe typically wins the weekly hagging competition by targeting lonely-looking gray-haired women at the bar.
by pdaddy82 January 15, 2006
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When a straight woman goes out for a night on the town with a gay male(s). Also called Fag-Hagging, Fag-Haggin, or Haggin. Considered also a play on words between Hag and Hang.
Theresa: Hey Julie. What are you up to?
Julie: Oh Just Hagging with Michael and Tom tonight. Do you wanna double?
by DeJerk May 01, 2009
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When a young man attempts to hook up with much older women.
Derek, I am so horny for an old sea hag right now. Let's go hagging at the nursing home. I want a granny with a wrinkled cooch!
by Bolton June 26, 2009
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To teabag with the breast. Dunk breast in something or on someone. To be hagged.
Shannon and Stuart were hagging Simon.
by spursnutta January 22, 2014
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