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Acronym for "Have a Great Summer" used by people who still want to write in your yearbook despite the fact that they don't actually know you well enough to say anything personal.
"HAGS! -Sara"

"Man, I just got hagged by this stupid bitch I barely know. I regret letting her sign my yearbook."
by Nismaniak May 23, 2008

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A sexual act in which multiple men have unprotected sex with the same woman in succession, ejaculating in a margarita glass. If at any time a participant finishes inside the woman, that person has to drink from the margarita glass. At the end of the gangbang, the contents of the margarita glass are mixed with a plastic spoon and used to inseminate the woman. The winner is revealed 9 months later on the Maury Povitch show.
Things got wild last night with Ashley at Skooterz, we went back to Jeff's house and set her up with a lawndalarita. I almost lost my boner when Jake busted in her and had to drink from the glass before it was my turn.
by Nismaniak August 07, 2020

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