A saz is someone who is kind amazing and intelligent. All the boys love her.
ask her a question she will get it right.
by saz March 26, 2005
Enjoys a crumpet at the weekend.
Regularly provides colleagues with blow job tips.
Likes to share photos of her Christmas Turkey
It's been a tough week, need to get my Saz on

That meme Saz sent me was pure filth
by Hebe2103 October 12, 2018
The most funniest gal ever!
Says the most hilarious things and makes awkard situations into something fun just by saying "so this is awkard" And doing a funny ugly face (although really she is very pretty)

Best qoutes "Me Luv Dis one" "Dam i've got the shits!"
Most likely too: Be eating or embarrising herself in the best way ever
Someone makes a comment about someone dancing absoloutly crazzilly other person says "Dont worry its just saz"
"gosh she is such a saz"

"theres only one origonal saz"
"daym shes a sexy bitch"
"hi, im saz... nothing more to say :D"
by OMYDAYZZZZZZZ January 16, 2010
well go up to saz and smell her. Then and only then will yew know what saz means odor wise...
you smell like a saz
by marie shmarie April 6, 2005
Someone who's very ugly stupid.
Nobody likes this kind of person.
Omh he/she is so Saz!
by WhiskyJr February 25, 2016
Usually a Nickname Given to Someone whos name is Sarah
Hey Saz, My nickname is saz or sazza
by Sazza October 25, 2006
short name for a multicultural sorority, Sigma Alpha Zeta based on schools in California (aka nickname SAZzies)
Girl: Let's join SAZ.
Guy #1: I love those SAZ girls!
Guy#2: Sazzies are hella cool!
by gvicsaz May 17, 2011