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small ass town in NJ near long valley, chester, and mansfeild.
unfortunatly since those towns are all nice, and there is a small row of fast food joints in H-town, everyone there thinks its a ghetto. the high school sucks at everything, and the football team is awful. Instead of realizing that they whole school is white, they insist that the freckles on their bodies make them part black. Hackettstown is the only town in NJ where you will find kids in ecko and shady clothing huddled around a rita's italian ice place claiming it to be their turf.

dont even think about goin into h-town without a gun or a knife. its the roughest town in the whole county. hackettstown
by ReppinthebigHtowndawg October 09, 2006
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People of long valley wish Jumbo would move there to make it a little cooler...He is a big pot head and would fit in perfectly there cause every single kid there smokes pot and dies from drug overdoses at the age of 25
Hackettstown kidz-- Man i wish we had someone like jumbo here from long valley....he would make the area so much nicer.
by nardoner January 04, 2010
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The best town in all of New Jersey. Located in Warren County. Exit 19 off I-80. Home to M&M Mars. H-town kids are classy and simply fantastic.
-Where are you from?
-Hackettstown, New Jersey Baby!
by K0989 November 16, 2007
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