Hardcore does not mean being scene or str8edge or posi or whatever u dumb fucks call it hardcore is chuggin a whole liter of vodka in ten minutes without a chaser and then going out to buy another one and chugging that
tab brooke and sam are hardcorde (hXc) to the BONE
we chugged a liter of vodka in 10 minutes and went to the store and got another

thats hardcore bitch
by tab, brooke, sam March 21, 2006
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HxC- Means/Stands for HardXcore. The X was placed there for the scene kids who thought it was style. Hardcore is a type of music heavy, but not like metal. It has screaming in it and somtimes singing and the melody is heavy and hard. But not too hard like metalcore
HxC, a band such as it dies today or underOATH
by I am Hollywood May 30, 2005
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hXc or also known as HardCore, is a form of music that usually has more screaming than normal. The screaming is usually deeper than regular. Also you usually hear the bass more than the regular guitars. The guitar notes are usually squealed sounding.
Norma Jean is so hardcore it hurts.

I'm a hardcore scenester.
by John Jenkins July 11, 2005
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short for hard corps, referring to Drum corps (DCI or drum corps international). The best damn sport in the world.
DCI is the best damn sport in the world. it is hxc to the max.
by michele is cool July 30, 2006
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Many think this is a reletively new abbreiviation of the word "hardcore," but infact it's an abbreiviation of the word "hardxcore." This is when someone is so "hardcore" they are straight edge aswell.

The "X" in the word symbolises straight edge because it has straight edges.
Guy 1: OMFG that scene is so hardcore, with his tee's and hightops.

Guy 2: Yeah, I hear he's a vegan and doesn't even smoke.

Guy 1: He must be HXC
by JayyJayyJoint March 17, 2009
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