hXc is just short for the word hardcore. hardcore is a music genre but also is an attitude and a way of life. Most people who like or are into hXc usually didn't fit in very well with the popular crowd or just didn't feel like they belong there so they found a place where they fit in and had a home and could relate with other people, this was hXc. There are many versions of hXc.
Michael was so hXc when he owned that n00b, but then again when isn't he.
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Shortened acronym for hardcore.
jo: dude, i pooped on your lawn yesterday.
ese: hxc, yo.
by daavid October 24, 2006
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1. crappy version of metal that revolves around breakdowns.
2. Stupid people who listen to hardcore because they dont know any good metal, and are close to emo, and usually think that they have to put giant X's on thier hands to show the world how they are straightedge.
3. stupid music and stupid people
hey look at those hardcore kids, what a bunch of pussies who have no musical taste thats worth listening to
by caedes venatus January 03, 2005
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Abbreviation of hardcore, often related to or dealing with music from the hardcore genre. Also used to describe actions or styles.
"Have you heard of (band name)? They're so hXc"

"That was awsome the way you pwnd that n00b hXc."
by Spencer Robinson August 07, 2005
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Hardcore - to show fear on to others/ being proud of yourself and taking no sh*t from anyone. Sticking up for yourself and to be mentaly and physicaly stronger then others. Showing that only the wise and strong survive, beucase life is a war.
Did you see that kid push throught all of those kids in the hallways, now that kid is hXc/hardcore
by Roger Biz March 03, 2004
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