user 1: "i am so h-word right now"
user 2 "me too harry styles has me so horny"
by zourrycumslut November 01, 2020
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h-word means horny, but less aggressive. it’s just a soft way to say horny. commonly used on twitter and discord.
I’m uh....I’m kinda...h-word 🥺👉👈”
by icbyhdt April 16, 2020
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H word means horny on any platform. It’s mostly used on twitter but it can be used in any platforms.
by jiminschoochie August 18, 2019
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a term used to avoid saying the word "hate".
I h word anyone who doesn't like Harry Styles.
by HarryStyles678 October 07, 2020
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"Is John he an...H word?"

"Just say Hipster, Janet, it isn't a racial slur."
by Tincanspaceman January 05, 2017
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A funny way to say 'hell yeah' in your own respective social or prep groups while simultaneously confusing most teachers and grandparents, excluding others that may want to join your group by socializing with you.
Guy 1: Dude, I found a PlayStation 2 and 25 brand new games down the street in a backpack last night.

Guy 2: H-word yeah!
Teacher: ..What??
Guy 2: Inside joke.
by Ether February 06, 2004
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pass for blacks,mexicans,asians etc. to say honky or honka
black dude: my honka
black dude: shows h word pass
white dude: OHHHHHH
by n word pass holder in ohio April 07, 2020
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