Gangster Disciples from Connecticut usually located in Hartford. Under 74 Ram, 6trey, or No Love City (NLC). They’re all for growth & development.
Ayo gzz what’s good? I like your black flag.
by Enkanan March 21, 2021
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Gzz is what you call your brothas or homies
Wassguddy my Gzz.
by MyInstagramIs-wrkings February 24, 2016
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A gang located on the north east end of Hartford , Connecticut. It’s rival gang aka the Gr8 s Sometimes refer to The gz as ‘dem kids’
“Yoo kik there go dem kids gr8
“Watspoppin gzz
by Glttt bow October 14, 2019
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A Grimey Lifestyle identified as 10%Loyal 90%Grimey that is structured and organized as a gang full of the most grimiest and cold hearted niggas in NYC that humiliate ,bully , and roll up and smoke there rival gang members specifically known as the YGz , And fuck a lot of bitches
Let’s cross the street those niggas is 1090 Gzz
by Smoke dope June 29, 2019
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Ramon Gil-Medrano, aka Rah Gzz, was shot multiple times in the head and upper torso as he sat in the back of a cab. The shooting occurred on East 178th Street And Valentine Avenue in the Tremont neighborhood at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 11.
1.) Nigga Rah got clapped, now he inna marley.
2.) Rah Rah, shit fuck with my brain.
3.) Rah Rah died nigga gomd.

4.) Rah Rah got clapped on his way to the stu.
5.) I smoke Rah Gzz before I brush my teeth every morning.
by Noah Balla’s Ghost July 18, 2022
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Sah Gzz is a lit ass nigga who will fuck your bitch , grandma , auntie etc sah gzz will fuck your mother so good he will get the eligibility to become your step father within the same night , Sah Gzz has the sauce that will make you call him dad before he was even your step-father
Yo Gang Sah Gzz is really that nigga , boy really fucked my mom last night you know I gotta jack him as my pops that nigga too lit ion care that I’m older than him
by Sah Gzz June 9, 2021
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a YGz rapper who would've easily been top 5 maybe top 3 in nyc drill scene. of course the listing of rappers is.

1 kay flock
2 dthang
3 edot baby
4 sha ek
5 Rah gzz

but sadly he was killed hours later after a DOA member jayripk was shot and Rah was shot in retaliation
guy 1: Man Rah Gzz wouldve been top 5 maybe top 3 for sure
guy 2: fr rip Rah Gzz
by jr2oppy June 7, 2023
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