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adj: Word used only to describe the biggest of big. Used to describe the body parts of self and or others.
!!!Caution use with discretion!!!
I have this humungeous mole on my left cheek, and i dont mean on my face.
The behind on that chick is humungeous.
by THECECIL February 26, 2008
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The combined symptoms of all STDs, which includes tuberculosis, herpies, gohnoreah, siphilis, etc. The carrier of this disease is said to have been the town knob, "everybody gets a turn". Although this disease was thought of during health class while learning about actual STDs, and is not real at all, this disease may become real in the year 3000 give or take a few centuries.
Man that chick must of had sex with like a hundred dudes, she has got to have tubercuherpagohnosiphilitis.
by THECECIL February 26, 2008
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adj: Word used to describe a very large object. Usually referring to an object that cannot be described by words that already exhist.
That is a gynormous zit on your head.
That person has a gynormous booty.
by THECECIL February 25, 2008
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