Synonym for thingy (a thing, the name of which you don't know or can't recall), sometimes used by cool elementary school teachers .
"Can you hand me that thingamajiggy?" (said while pointing)
"You mean the side cutters?"
"Yeah, I need them to cut this wire."
by choopachups May 18, 2018
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What baby-boomers call electronics. Especially if they haven't upgraded their cell phone since 2001.
Mrs. Robinson: "hmmm.., Luke honey can you come here? I don't understand why my thingamajiggy turned into a mirror.."
Luke: " opened your camera in selfie mode..."

Mrs. Robinson: "Well, I don't know! You kids and these thingamajiggies...I just don't understand them!"
by HydeWars July 19, 2018
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