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Deliberate misinterpretation of a subject; Useful tool for political speech writers to misrepresent facts; Choice to misunderstand or to created misinformation for personal motives; Creating a "strawman" in an argument to alter the truth; Misread on purpose; Take in the wrong sense deliberately.

Commonly confused with "misconstrue" which does not imply deliberate misunderstanding.
"The senator's speechwriters chose to misconscrew his opponent's words to make them appear to mean something they clearly did not."

"She misconscrewed his meaning to create a strawman to attack rather than confront his true meaning directly"

"Although he knew exactly what she meant, he misconcrewed her meaning to avoid discussing her feelings, instead focusing on something completely unrelated"
by Siagiah Karlsson December 12, 2006
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Angry reaction to an unexpected scandal.
Outrage at the revelation of scandalous details.
Scandangering: Shocked anger provoking intrique and interest.
Scandangerousness: level of anger, shock, or outrage provoked by scandal

Scandanger is often misconstrued as hidden danger from rogue scanners
"Political careers are often ruined due to the scandanger of the populace regardless of the scandal's accuracy or lack thereof."

"Shock jock entertainers thrive on scandanger to keep their audience riveted for more details."

Scandangering: "Certain entertainers whose careers depend on their outrageousness deliberately foster scandanger to keep themselves in the news."

Scandanerousness: "The Dixie Chicks' lead singer underestimated the scandangerousness of her decision to make a negative comment on stage about the president of the United States."

by Siagiah Karlsson December 12, 2006
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Explosive sexually charged state or condition.

Out of control lust resulting in a state of hyper sexual arousal, often oblivious to one's surroundings.

physically aroused state characterized by the inability to conceal extreme lust and the inability to refrain from impulsive impassioned behavior.
"Her erotic dancing plunged him into a reckless state of sexcitement that cast off all semblence of civilization and propriety as he lunged for the exotic dancer, oblivious to the bouncer's attempts to stop him"
by Siagiah Karlsson December 11, 2006
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noun: a prepaid postage envelope stuffed full of garbage and rubbish being sent back to the spammer who sent it in the first place.
Angry and tired of paying to dispose of her mounting junk mail, she stuffed as much of it as possible into every enclosed prepaid postage evelope creating a spamerang for those who continually send the junk to her.
by Siagiah Karlsson December 17, 2006
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The best cheese to offer GOP whiners upset about losing votes at the polls.
"Gee Mr. Republican voter, can I offer you some GOPher-cheese to go with that whine?"
by Siagiah Karlsson December 12, 2006
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adjective: slang used by gynecologists to describe unusually large objects.
Yo, that was one gynormous thingamajiggy on that last patient!
by Siagiah Karlsson December 26, 2006
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adjective: so gigantic and so enormous that it is entirely necessary to cram gigantic-enormous together to convey the true size of the item.
"The earth is a speck of dust compared to the ginormous size of the universe".

"The "99" restaurant serves ginormous portions of food per platter compared to say, "Applebees" or "Denny's".

by Siagiah Karlsson December 26, 2006
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