Juicer is a word commonly used by Twitch streamer xQc. Juicer has different meanings depending on its context.

1.Something that is fulfilling, which has The juice. xQc defines "the juice" as, "The juice is whatever you make it. It can be anything. Nobody can define what it is for you, you know what the juice is right. For me, like sometimes, I think the juice is whenever I win I Pop Off right... maybe your juice is when you do a nice piece of art."
2. An adjective to describe something that is high quality, awesome, or hype-inducing, such as a banger.
3. An object.

4.A body part, mostly applied to sexual body parts.
1. My career is a juicer.

2."Dud. This song is an absolute juicer."-xQc

PogU xQc is doing a 24-hour juicer content stream.

3."Bing. Chat, this juicer's free. Yeah, this juicer's free and then I take this juicer also."-Hikaru imitating xQc while playing chess. "That's a free juicer all right dud."-xQc.

4.That girl has some huge juicers.
Your mom can suck on my juicer dud.
by Swagigan August 8, 2020
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A Juicer is a kid who does not attend school, but rather plays Fortnite all day long. They are obsessed with rap, specifically Juice Wrld, and they blast it in their microphones while gaming. A Juicer is obnoxious and always has TTV and Claps/Clapz in a username. They always find a way into your party!
Kick the Juicer out of the party, dude.

This guy is a Juicer.
by JLD05 June 19, 2020
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The Crossing of one's fingers and to insert them into the female's vagina and then twist repeatedly
Lemme juice that Bitch good!

What a tight pussy, maybe I should juice it

Wow that slut really loves the juicer
by Gangster Overachiever January 21, 2003
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in the scene, someone with undeniable sex appeal- a real hottie-begottie
"katie's new cronkite is such a freakin juicer!! yummy!"
by dislocatedelbows May 25, 2003
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A party at a park
Teen A: Are you goin' to the juicer tonight?
Teen B: Yeah, I heard all the kids with swag are going!
by adooze June 2, 2012
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