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Gym-ing, is a term used by any type of people, stating that they've been going to the gym alot. Sorta like saying youve been gaming, but instead, something more productive!
What have you been up to lately?" "Oh not much, been Gyming a lot lately though..
by Wopefi November 24, 2010
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1) The process of going to the gym
2) the actual process of working out.

(verb) gym,gyming,gymed.
"I'll be gyming in an hour."
"hey do you want to go out for dinner?--well that depends on how my gyming goes."
by Rachel Hrabal June 10, 2008
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The process of a near perfect person attending the gym when it is not really necessary, to miss going to the casino (specifically). Indicative of health addiction.
by onlyevolution October 29, 2013
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