Saying men use to compare something extremely embarrassing, to. Derived from experience some male teenagers go threw in which they get an erection in a gym class that ends up being extremely noticeable because of the loose basketball shorts everyone must wear in gym class.
Steve, "Dude did you just fart in front of Lisa?"
Brad, "Yeah, it was more embarrassing then a boner in gym class!"
by atrain595 May 05, 2011
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A kid that takes gym too seriously, usually they are jocks and they will yell at you if you don't do shit.
Me talking to friend: Dude what was the Geometry homework again?
Friend: uh...
*Gym class hero (a senior on the football team) smashes into friend, breaking his arm.*
Friend: Oh fuck my arm hurts like a bitch owwwwwwwwww.
Gym Class hero: That's what you get for not catching the ball.
Me: Go fuck your disgusting girlfriend gym class hero.
by ilovechinesefood January 18, 2011
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That one super athletic kid in your gym class who tries too hard to win, and play with the gym teacher. They do this to show off their ability, but make it seem like that they don't actually care about winning.
We just lost dodgeball to a gym class warrior.
I felt bad when I lost volleyball to a gym class warrior, but then I realized that I had higher grades than him in all of my academic courses.
by LouPit March 25, 2018
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A "band" whose entire success came from stealing a song by Supertramp.
Wigger: Peep dis new track yo, it be called Cupid's Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes...
Person: Hey I think I've heard this before, oh that's becuase it was already a song
by Angrymofo May 17, 2007
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1. Where fun and fitness go to die.

2. 58 minutes of pain
"today in high school gym class we will be exercising for the first time in three months, and you all will be running the mile"
"Tomorrow we will be viewing a power point of sexually transmitted diseases"
by SophiaChicken September 22, 2013
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when highscool kids scream out in pain (most often girls) and fall to the floor screaming and demanding to be benched. its really fun to do.
tanya was walking into the gymnasium when she saw the flyer for soccer drills she hated soccer so she decided to pull a gym class trigeminal neuralgi-fake by hitting the deck and screaming
by lenabean December 18, 2005
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A song recently gone viral on TikTok, for it's lyrics, especially the "take a look at my girlfriend" part. If your girlfriend or SO sends this to you, it means they want you to upload an Instagram story with them in it and this song playing underneath. It shows appreciation towards them.
A: Dude, Sophia just sent me a TikTok with the song Take A Look At My Girlfriend by Gym Class Heroes. Why tho?
B: Dude, you're supposed to post this song on your ig story with her picture!
A: What? Why?
B: You do not know? Gym Class Heroes - Take A Look At My Girlfriend will show her how much you appreciate her and to tell all the other girls you're taken. Duh!
by psychiccheese March 09, 2021
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