The guy or group of guys in high school/junior high that always kicked everyone's asses in games, and basically made you feel even more shitty about your own suckiness.
Dodgeball was never fun, because everyone knew the gym class heros would pwn all over our asses.
by xHilikus September 20, 2006
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Person or people that take gym really seriously and go all out. They often make themselves look like retards and are totally oblivious to the fact that everyone hates them and thinks they should die.
The gym class hero looked like a d bag when he broke a girls leg playing volleyball.
by Malcolm XY October 26, 2008
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A person in high school or junior high who thinks he is good at a sport because he beat all the un-athletic people in gym class.
kid 1: (shoots ball and gets it in) "dude I deserve a varsity jacket for smoking all your asses in basketball."
kid 2: "Man, stop being a gym class hero and play the real sport."
All kids in unison: "GYM CLASS HERO! GYM CLASS HERO!"
by TMNO2 May 28, 2010
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An amazingly kickass rap/punk band that has extreme talent in writing songs. Best songs include Taxi Driver, Papercuts, and Makeout Club.
At the drive-in watching soft porn
And you can tell
By the trail of the dead
That there was something in the popcorn
by gymclasshero August 27, 2005
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Groundbreaking rock/hip-hop out of upstate New York. Works under the Fueled by Ramen record label and is known for their original lyrics, and their ability to make beats with real instruments instead of mixers and canned beats. Released their first LP, The Papercut Chronicles in February and i highly reccomend it.
"She says she loves me but, she comes and goes when she pleases, when the door shuts, it's like another papercut. Now im stuck with a hand full of band-aids, till she comes back around like them ceiling fan blades. She claims she loves me but, she cuts me into pieces, and when im sewed up, here comes another papercut."
by gch fan August 10, 2005
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a band who's excellence you should learn of before MTV and Ryan Seacrest ruin them.
(summer 06)
me: oh my gosh, the new gch album is incredible!
friend: I know, I got it as soon as it came out last week, one of their best.

(spring 07)
Me: hey.
teenybopper: hey, have you heard of gym class heroes?
me: yeah, they're my favorite band.
teenybopper:mine too.
me: which one of their albums do you like better?
teenybopper: they only have one DUH! Anyways, I haven't even picked it up yet, I've just been listening to cupid's chokehold on the radio, and saw the vid on MTV.
me: wait a sec; you don't even have the re-release of as cruel as school children, but they're your favorite band. AND they had way more albums before that!!!
teenybopper: who cares? panic! is my new new favorite band.... moving on.
by April 22, 2007
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A kid that takes gym too seriously, usually they are jocks and they will yell at you if you don't do shit.
Me talking to friend: Dude what was the Geometry homework again?
Friend: uh...
*Gym class hero (a senior on the football team) smashes into friend, breaking his arm.*
Friend: Oh fuck my arm hurts like a bitch owwwwwwwwww.
Gym Class hero: That's what you get for not catching the ball.
Me: Go fuck your disgusting girlfriend gym class hero.
by ilovechinesefood January 18, 2011
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