Something you can say in response to anything
Dan: Bish your ugly
Me: Why tho

Kevin: I love you
Me: Why tho

Lauren: *bumps into me*
Me: Why tho

Goverment: You HAVE to go to school
Me: Why tho

Teacher: Do homework
Me: Why tho

My parents: Your dog died
Me: Why tho

Samantha: I hate you
Me: Why tho

Frank: Lol
Me: Why tho

Greg: My grandpa just died in a car crash
Me: Why tho

Dean: *bends over to pick up pencil*
Me: Why tho

Someone: Hey!
Me: Why tho

Little kid: *goes down slide*
Me: Why tho

Haha i have no friends
(Me: Why tho)
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When something doesn't go your way and you start to question everything you know.

Also a (meme)
Fred: * bumps Billy' s pencil'
Billy: Why tho
by Very Secret Anonymous June 6, 2017
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When a person does something
Which is manly considered to be lacking common sense
Guy: u heard but Jerome ?
Guy:dis nigga tried to jump of the roof

Guy2:but why tho ?
Guy: to get Felicia number
by smoke need every day April 12, 2016
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Another word for why, though? Generally used by cunts that cannot actually speak english because they are too fucking stupid to even fucking breath.
by peppodo the third February 22, 2017
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Phrase used at appropriate times to made an already angry person, even madder.

Started by J and Q!
*Guy flirting with Girl*
Friend yells to him, " Hey, your girlfriend wanted to talk to you!"

*Girl gets mad and walks away*

Dude 1: What was that for! I don't have a girlfriend, what the hell!
Dude 2: Ay, come on. Why u mad tho?

Dude 1 explodes.
by JacobBla December 13, 2010
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Just like "You mad bro?", this mocks someone one who is raging with anger. It can also be an additional mocking phrase to "You mad bro?"
Guy 1: *screams, shouts* THAT BITCH
Guy 2: ....
Guy 1: God, I f'ing hate that bitch!! ARGHH!!
Guy 2: You mad bro?
Guy 1: STFU!
Guy 2: Why you mad tho???
Guy 1: -__-
by Black Zeus December 25, 2011
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