The sound your bitch makes when she gives you da succ.
My girl gave me plenty of gwak last night.
by Gwak Master January 23, 2018
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yeah I got myself messy in her gwak
by Jim August 12, 2003
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Another word for bad, ugly or dis-tasteful
"Oh my God, that boy is gwak"
by Nicki November 10, 2003
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An uncommon cheesy word which tails says in sonic adventure for the dreamcast
Tails:Theres no time to gwak sonic!
by chazam1337 August 28, 2008
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the base/entry model out of all the gwak gwaks, the pro model being the two handed twister max setting vacuum swallower 9000. more often than not, ur first gwak gwak will be the 3000 model and although years from now u will look back and realize that it was not the best, u will be grateful for it because it was ur first and most memorable. now for those of u who have luck on ur side, u just might end up will the mid tier model or even the pro. either way, there's no better feeling than literally getting the life sucked out of u via the pp and being left in a state of immobility due to this other worldly experience that will eventually sink into ur fogy mind. in which case u will stand back up with an overwhelming feeling of victory that will soon turn u into a ravaging beast that craves the seggies. u will then grab that bitch by the throat stand her up bend her over and fuck her in the ass. but hey that just what i think happens, ive actually never received a gwak gwak of any kind... yet
joe mama: hey where have u been

ben dover: i just recived a glock glock 3000 from some girl

joe mama: u mean a gwak gwak 3000

ben dover: no its glock glock

joe mama: no asshole its gwak gwak

ben dover: oh...

joe mama: lets tie our dicks in a knot

ben dover: ok
by giant horse cock 42069 February 9, 2021
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La première règle du Gwak est qu'il est interdit de donner un sens au Gwak.
La seconde règle du Gwak est qu'il est interdit de donner une définition du Gwak.
Si tu es Gwak, Gwaké ou Gwakeur et que tes couleurs sont le vert et le rose , tu es des notres.
Je suis gwaké d'avoir perdu ce match!
by Karasawette July 12, 2018
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The term gwwak gwak portrays an act of the devil where mans would insert his massive dong into ones mouth (maybe dangling down the throat). praise the lord jesus christ. three up the mandems
person 1: yo my slime i got bare gwwak gwak yesterday

person 2: jeeeezz

person 1: jeeezzzz

person 2:....

person 2: wanna gwwak gwak?
by AJHG September 10, 2021
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