Ma, where are my gutties?
by Paul Clark April 16, 2003
Northern Ireland; cheap trainers your mother forced upon you when you were young, ONLY used for PE. Would've been a source of embarassment but everybodies mum bought them. Made from canvass and vulcanised rubber
you - "But Mum I don't want gutties, I want proper trainers"
Mum - "Proper trainers'll cost £15! You'll make do with gutties"
by StuartK June 28, 2005
To be rude or awful towards someone, but in a socially acceptable way.

Derives from the word 'gutless'
Pat: I was so close to bringing her home, and then John came up and whispered in her ear I have herpes"

Brian: That's gutty

Pat: And to top it all of, he ended up taking her back to our place!

Brian: King gutty!
by slimjimsarehealthy January 28, 2010
Those Gutties are ugly. I would never wear those!
by Liv Defines July 11, 2016
1. Money Getter, Gettin mad cheddar, Getting girls mad wetter
2. Pretty much just the 8th letter
Look at that kid hustling on the block, he's a young gutti.
by Yung Gutti March 8, 2010
descriptive of a gutt, or a fat cat.
that gutt is so obese and gutty.
by a babies goad April 14, 2017
Refers to a sexually promiscuous person, usually female.
That girl in that skirt is a straight up gutty.
by DD Gang March 20, 2006