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A prank you pull on automobiles. Involves stealing and placing off gutters, hence the term guttering. The result is a large noise. Usually done in smaller groups (3 to 6 humans). Done in the dark usually from 11 pm to 3 am. Preferably earlier because sometimes cars are hard to come by really late. This is the first definition for the subject so I'm assuming it is fairly unpopular.
The Steps of Guttering:
1. Steal a gutter off someones house.
2. Put gutter in the semi-busy street when you see no cars.
3. Run, and hide. Make sure it is a good spot just in case the car stops and the passengers pursue you.
4. Car hits the gutter and makes a loud noise. HAHA.
by TRIzzzo April 15, 2006
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The act of placing your penis and scrotum on a small section of guttering or similar, and sliding the entire package into another persons well lubed anus. At this point the gutter is removed, thus depositing both the penis and the scrotum, in their entirity, into the anus.
James was busy guttering Louisa when the phone rang.
by ECR October 02, 2007
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from the word gutter, as a term to imply someone is down in the gutter, guttering is a way to discribe the state of being guttered but in a figurative term
Person 1 - We lost the match
Person 2 - Thats guttering
by Crispy April 16, 2005
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The act of chatting to a girl on facebook, myspace or any other site like the aformentioned and attempting to slime your way into their pants when they tell you their bored and staring at the wall. Their bored at home, alone and you know it and want to f**k them!
mike was guttering stacy on facebook the other day but she just wasnt having it...personally id rather masterbate shes pretty ugly
by Mr Humphreys August 27, 2007
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