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5 definitions by Crispy

see the tits

you can also see south park if you like...
Cartman: "Screw you guys, I'm going home..."
by Crispy June 15, 2006
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1. A day which is mainly spent smoking the drug marijuana, in an effort to end boredom. May have originated in California in the mid-80's.

2. A popular punk rock band with members from Rodeo and Willits, California.
1. I had a green day yesterday.

2. Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool are also members of Green Day.
by Crispy September 2, 2004
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from the word gutter, as a term to imply someone is down in the gutter, guttering is a way to discribe the state of being guttered but in a figurative term
Person 1 - We lost the match
Person 2 - Thats guttering
by Crispy April 16, 2005
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An extra large and ugly female who wants you in bed.
That bitch who was hitting on you was a total buttertroll.
by Crispy October 25, 2005
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(also spelled bitchhoe) noun. derogatory term combining the phrases bitch and ho/hoe. Used to describe someone who is a) whiny, b) manipulative, c) cruel, d)ignorant, e) lying, f) back-stabbing, g) selfish, h) unfaithful to one's boyfriend, i) unfaithful to one's usual clients, j) of questionable morals, k) or otherwise stupid, annoying, or any combination of the above traits.

Can also be used to address one's friends similarly to other insults.

(often mistaken for a diva, slut, or baby momma.)
"Don's ex is such a bitchho! She's trying to tell me that she's pregnant with his kid again."
"You stole my pencil again? Bitchho!"
by Crispy March 16, 2004
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