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Mother-F*ckining Ugly
"She's Mo'ugly!"
by trevor November 8, 2003
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cait a foxcroft girl of course who lives in none other than m-burg haha and damn does she get with those woodberry forest boys....and ehs guys
and shes awesome and taking whiskey shots as long as she doesnt laugh
maderia girl- woah whos that girl?
2 girl- ohh her she goes 2 foxcroft...we wish we were as hot as them

Me- hey cait can you help me take my boot off
by trevor December 13, 2004
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Codependancy; emotional attachment to the point of utter stupidity; a girl that talks mad shit but has no room to back it up.
Meg, meggers, meggles, bacon n megs
by trevor August 4, 2004
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moldy wind is a description of farting, just like cut the cheese and other stuff
there is a moldy wind in here
i blew some moldy wind
by trevor April 8, 2004
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look what you've done you stupid mumparra
by trevor September 28, 2004
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someone that is only around or talks to you when they need money and then dont pay back; or when you have something they dont have
kyle has a rent-a-freind
by trevor March 3, 2004
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An offshoot of retard, however more in the sense of social abilities and common sense things.
JC, you are a retart. You are a Math major, yet you can't add.
by trevor October 20, 2004
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