gay uncle; an uncle that is gay.
I love my Gunkle Mark and my Gunkle Ed!
by lzybrunette April 24, 2010
A very large, thought to be mythical beast, that roams the open land at Whiting Field in search of Barbeque Suace from Whataburger, not the stuff they give anyone but the good stuff the make and keep in the back and charge $.37 for. Treat gunkles the same way you would treat Gremlins. Gunkles have many predators, although the main predator is a squirrel.
The gunkle was unable to concentrate on his next move because the squirrels kept interupting him. OR. The gunkle train of thought was clouded due to the fact that Barbeque sauce was in short supply!
by squirrel superhero May 23, 2010
when a woman's fat between the gut and ankle all runs together
She has trouble bending down to bowl because of her large gunkle
by Joe January 7, 2004
A person that looks fucked up, ugly, disgusting, hideous, or is just unpleasing to look at.
by Alf P May 17, 2006
You sure Gunkled that dude

You pulled a gunkle
by the ungunkle January 21, 2009
Laughing uncontrollably, sometimes for hours on end. Often results in the person pissing their pants, and or soiling themselves. It is considered a disease by certain countries, with no cure in sight.

First case was discovered in a small town known as Marshfield
Byron: Oh no, I think Maria has the gunkles.

Markie: Oh god, somebody get some air sanitizer and some toilet paper!
by Michael Shmidt March 31, 2009