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a sarcastic name that soldiers will call other soldiers who handle artillery in the military.
"Steve's a gun bunny"
by froggrchk January 23, 2007
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Gun bunny is military slang for soldiers who operate mortars (typically 60mm and 80mm). The weapons are normally placed in small pits dug by the soldiers. Hence the comical allusion to rabbits.
Incoming! Get the gun bunny down in his hole!
by Philhhc August 29, 2006
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Girls who are genetically hot but not hot enough to be strippers so they use guns to get attention instead.
Did you see that gun bunny at SHOT SHOW? If she'd been hotter she could have been a real model.
by Harblz February 19, 2017
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Typically, military personnel enlisted in either the Army or Marine Corps who operate artillery pieces. Typically denoted by lack of mental competence and the ability to only perform jobs that don't require much thinking.
I got the shell, boss! Do I put it in the hole?
by Hu$tla' $teve August 26, 2003
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Definition 1:
Some one who jumps at any opportunity to talk about, shoot, or show off their guns. Commonly owns several guns and a hundred issues of various gun magazines.

Also anyone who talks knowingly about any gun related issue.

Definition 2:
A girl who is strongly attracted to, or excited by, guns. A girl who likes shooting many kinds of guns. Similar to a ski bunny in the shooting world.
example 1:
Dude, I'm not sure if I wanna get a glock or an H&K.

Ask Nick, he's a total gun bunny.

example 2:
Jessica is gonna come shooting with us tomorrow.

Nice, she super hot, and a full blown gun bunny.
by whightknyte June 09, 2010
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N. A person who loves guns, especially big ones, and has lots of them, often to a ridiculous degree. Mel Gibson and Renee Russo's characters in Lethal Weapon 3 could be considered gun-bunnies. Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in Commando, and all the commandos in Predator were better examples of gun bunnies. Often used in a mildly derisive manner. Most frequently used this way in role-playing games (RPGs).
"And so the gun bunny whips out a rocket launcher and blasts that stupid neighbor's dog that wouldn't shut up."
by jeepzerz April 01, 2009
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