An old slang term for a detective or investigator (police-affiliated or private). Variants include "dick" or "private dick," the connotations of which were not meant to be obscene.

Shoes in the late 1800s were made of gum rubber - the soft-soled precursors of the modern sneaker. The phrase "to gumshoe" meant to sneak around quietly as if wearing gumshoes.

"Gumshoe man" was originally slang for "thief," but by about 1908 the term "gumshoe" was used to refer to a police detective, and the term has stuck ever since (pun intended).
Sam Spade, the most well-known gumshoe of noir cinema, spent the majority of The Maltese Falcon trying to solve a murder mystery.
by Redhot in Chi-Town January 22, 2007
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1. a rubber soled shoe or a rubber boot

2. a detective

3. a police officer

4. to walk stealthily

The gumshoe pulled up an put a gumshoe clad foot on the ground before the suspect fired a warning shot.
by The Return of Light Joker September 29, 2008
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Gumshoes are a version of gumboots (also known as wellingtons, wellies, or rain boots) that are shorter in length and resemble more of a shoe than a boot. They are designed to keep the foot dry in wet conditions that are mild rather than harsh.
Her gumshoes did not protect her feet from the deep squelchy mud. She should have worn gumboots instead.
by Rubyateastercamp June 19, 2018
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A detective or priate investigator.
"He hired some gumshoes to find out shit bout me"
by Mandyy August 2, 2006
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Slang; Detective. Someone who spends excessive time investigating "criminal activity"
"i will call you back! gumshoe baby. GUMSHOE
by death by bullets November 24, 2007
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In the past, it was once known as a detective or a slueth. Now a slueth has become known as a slut, hence gumshoe! They have the same meaning once again!
Look at that gumshoe in those white pants. What a skank, I bet she'd give it up to anyone that walked by.
by Skizurp June 10, 2003
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The official nickname (title) given to private investigator junior grimes. The youngest Pi in history whos notorious for going to extreme lengths for a case and to bring corruption justice even if he’s a little corrupt himself (though that’s his nature) grimes is dubbed “gumshoe grimes” as he sticks to people when following for a case of mystery.

gumshoe grimes has been called this by the newspapers and media even though officials try to silence the existence of (junior) grimes himself which says alot about his intimidating behavior, that it got to a point where important public figures do everything to avoid seeing his face or even hearing the name “junior grimes”

An honorable private detective but a rule breaker and ladies man nonetheless, grimes has no shortage of enemies or former friends and fortunately that’s to his benefit. It keeps his ego stronger than ever.

junior grimes (“gumshoe grimes”) has been active since everyone could remember but tends to work from the shadows and doesn’t care for the opinions of others which makes him efficient. If there’s anyone famous for mysterious demeanor and aggressive tactics with a bit of charm it’s MOST DEFINITELY gumshoe grimes!

the greatest Pi in the world, no doubt
News station: another body found in the river today! It’s easy to see why this murder was solved

Person watching tv: aha! Gumshoe grimes!

Person 2: fuckin A, Is there anything that kid can’t do?

News reporter: it’s been revealed that detective junior grimes solved this case once again

Person 1: like there’s ever been a fuckin’ doubt haha


Narrator: a young man hellbent on stopping corruption yet also being the source himself

Mystery figure: ....

Narrator: the papers call him gumshoe grimes

Mystery figure: *revealed as grimes himself*

Aye....ready for action

Narrator: and for good reason...he knows how to stick to people


Gumshoe grimes (“junior Grimes”) pi /private detective
by Tomcat ™️ October 7, 2021
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