Sex move from the Doggie Style position. Just as one is about to burst, he screams out a falcon mating call and grabs the womens ass like falcon talons. Designed to be heard throughout the dwelling. Sound can be described as Ka-Kall
Guy 1: I was pounding this hot piece of ass last night and decided to give her the old Maltese Falcon....Kakkkkalllll. Guy 2: Bro, I so heard that shit last night.
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A Maltese sex position that involves 4 people.

Two couples do the doggy whilst facing each other. On the point of climax, everyone sticks their hands out like a falcon's talons whilst making the Ca-Caw sound.

Can be bumpy. Reminiscent of a Maltese bus.
Hey man, do you and Julia wanna go back to my place. Me and Mary are gonna do the Maltese Falcon and would like you to get involved.

Of course dude! In Malta everything is better with friends!
by Malta Magic April 25, 2018
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