Gummi, adj.: when a person is hot, sexy, happy, satisfied, or looked upon favorably by others ; also, see Gummination

Gummi, noun: head, any type of sexual activity, good

Gumminate, verb: to give head, to engage in any type of sexual activity
Adj: Bro, that girl thinks you are gummi!

Noun : I am feeling really gummi since I ate that burrito

Noun: I think i'm going to get gummi tonight...

Verb: I would really like to gumminate that girl
by Master Of Gummi July 6, 2004
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sexy, good lookin, scrumptious, looking like a snack, thicc, and or very nice booty
Damn gurl, dat ass is looking gummi
Bruhhhh, you see that gummi
I'm tryna get that gummi tonight
by shoot ur shot July 27, 2018
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an expression of awe or excitement
awesome, exciting, cool, nasty
"Hey Mom, can I go to the amusement park?"
"Yes, my son."
"That video game is gummi. It is so much fun!"
by SpeedSkater114 September 18, 2008
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The phenomenon of having a half erection. An erection that's just a little guy, a halfer.
Oh shit, you see that map, I be havin a gummi now.

That pizza be tastin real good, I have a gummi.

wech 3ndk gumi?
iiiiyeh, 3ndi gumi kbir.
by halfinthetaf December 25, 2012
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When two elderly people perform a 69 (simultaneous oral sex between two partners).
Esther and Henry pleasured each other by doing the gummy gummy
by Sassypants1422 June 25, 2021
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to drape one's limp penis over a sleeping friends forehead, nose, ear, etc. so that it resembles laying a gummy worm across the sleeping individual. Bonus points are awarded for creativity, such as painting the penis prior to placement.
Hey, why is he so pissed?
I just gummied him, he woke up with my inch worm on his eye lid.
God damn you. That's the 3rd time you've gummied me this week!
by mchayden35 September 7, 2010
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